In the months leading up to the convention, the Young Single Adult Convention committee prepared a great promotional campaign to kick start this year’s convention, themed “Unshaken”. They produced a movie trailer to recap the previous two year’s conventions titled “Unnatural” and “Unconventional”, which set the tone for this year’s edition by bringing back memories from scenes of previous successful conventions. When asked what had been on the minds of the committee for the convention, Sarah Woo, the convention chairperson commented, “The objectives of the Convention were for the YSAs to be able to take home lessons learnt in tackling life’s situations while having good clean fun meeting new friends”.

Unnatural” “Unconventional

On the morning of a three-day weekend, the Young Single Adults of the Singapore Stake took the opportunity to travel to Batam, Indonesia – an island located just an hour away from the southern coast of Singapore. During their restful stay, the YSAs enjoyed a line-up of firesides given by the stake leaders on how they could better tackle life crises and spiritual plateaus, strike a balance, and make better decisions in various aspects of their lives. Counsel was also given concerning ‘Waiting for the Right One’, and how we ought to strive to be what we hope for in our eternal companion. It was truly a valuable learning experience for the young saints to have been able to tap on reservoirs of spiritual strength about life’s important matters. President Carlisle of the Stake Presidency shared a powerfully moving video of how we could each identify our own holy places in our everyday lives – a great way to round up this edition of convention firesides based on the theme ‘Overcome the World’. There were also great break-time teasers that helped to keep everyone looking forward to the next upcoming convention activity – be it learning more about the desired qualities in a future companion or watching the ‘slowcoaches’ perform forfeits for entertainment.

Right One

As luck would have it, the clouds had to chuck down buckets just as the YSAs were about to run out and enjoy some beach, sun and fun. The games department heads, the Cahigas sisters, and the rest of the camp got a little worried that the rain would wash out all the preparations that had been made for the outdoor games. With a great outpouring of prayers from all, the rain held up during activity time, and the YSAs found themselves throwing a banana and fish-ball around in a game of Captain’s Ball. Following which, the game masters conducted Book of Mormon trivia and a build-a-sand-temple on the coastline. A few members struggled to understand the questions, but team members were supportive and aided them in translating the questions. In the sand-temple show down, teams had to attack the sand models of other groups while protecting their own. One group literally huddled together and was an impregnable shield in protecting their temple from onslaught!

The creative juices of the YSAs were drawn upon throughout the camp games and activities, but most of it was showcased on the first day as they decorated cards for young children aged 5-16 at a Children’s Home on the island. The recipients of the carefully designed cards were definitely not the only happy ones. You could see the wide smiles on the faces of each of the YSAs as they put their heart into this small gesture of kindness and service. Though it was a really short activity, it was nonetheless a simple demonstration of the great qualities these men and women possessed.

As the chapter for this edition of convention came to a close, friendships were formed, powerful testimonies were borne, fires of faith were fanned and seeds of truth were planted in the hearts of all present. Good, wholesome instruction and inspired advice was delivered and applied throughout the convention to help the YSAs gain an understanding of the personal peace that the Gospel brings. In the words of Christ, we are reminded that “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)