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Engaging with this religious broadcast helps individuals learn about Jesus Christ, strengthen their personal relationships with the Savior, and experience the peace, hope, and joy that come through following Him. All Latter-day Saints, friends of the Church, and others are encouraged and invited to participate in general conference.
I have come to understand that I need faith to pray, but as I pray and experience the rewards of prayer, my faith in God increases.
It’s important that we start now in our own lives and with our families to find ways to celebrate the life and mission of the Savior.
Regularly feasting upon the words of Christ is as essential to our spirits as eating and drinking is to our physical body.
Members of the church should spend time reading the Book of Mormon. It has power to teach simple doctrines and principles such as faith, obedience, repentance, and a mighty change of heart. It has the power to transform natural men into saints.
We will not be lost in the darkness, and we can have the light of eternal life if we follow our Savior and hold up the light.
What truly matters is how we honor those covenants and maintain the attendant blessings of the temple throughout our lives.
To provide friends and visitors with a chance to view the new Young Single Adult (YSA) Ward dedicated gathering place and meeting house, the YSA Ward held a special sacrament meeting and Linger Longer activity on September 17, 2023.