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The Bishopric of Choa Chu Kang Ward of Singapore Stake was re-organized on 11 January 2015.
It wasn’t happenstance that Sister Crabb and Sister Fuglislater ran into Tracy on the train. She’s a young single adult of the Catholic faith.
I absolutely loved teaching over the phone - there were many miracles and my companions and I helped baptize a few people from inbound calls. There are teaching centers on Temple Square with lots of computers for us to do this. Cool, huh? The church is true!
I have come to realise that nothing I can sacrifice will ever come close to the blessings that I have received.
The experiences, the lessons I learned when things didn’t quite turn out as we planned, the doctrine we taught every day, and many more factors molded, shaped, and burned a testimony in me that is still growing today.
My mission taught me that I can do hard things because I am a Taiwan, Taipei missionary! 
I have come to know and understand the love that Heavenly Father has for each of His precious children. He wants each of us to succeed; His plan for us is greater than we can imagine.
I have always enjoyed writing poems. Yet oft times I feel like the servant with one talent in the parable of the talents,
I was called to serve in the Philippines Manila Mission (June 2012-June 2013), which then split to form the New Philippines Cavite Mission (July 2013-June2014). 
My mother succumbed to breast cancer when I was around 5 months into my mission. Although I was unable to attend her funeral, I was enveloped by God’s love so strongly during that time. I can testify with all of my heart that Christ is our loving Saviour, and that He has broken the bands of death through His everlasting sacrifice.
To see the gospel changing the lives of others changed my life as well. It made me realize that I need God so much, in every aspect of my life.
There are two expat wards (congregations) in Singapore. The turnover in these wards can be high as families come and go as jobs dictate. What is it like to live in Singapore as an expat?