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...Those two years in France really changed my life and my perspective on how the gospel blesses the lives of people.
As I served the people around me, studied my scriptures and applied the principles of the Atonement in my life, I saw both personal and spiritual growth in my life.
If God can do what he did for me in Italy, then I know God can do anything. That knowledge is my most prized possession.
Being on a mission defines what “Being in the world, but not of the world” is. And having returned from on my mission now, I can truly see the difference.
A total of 78 Young Single Adults and 9 adult leaders attended the Young Single Adult Convention held from 29 May to 01 June 2015 at Lotus Desaru Resort in Malaysia.
In my youth, I often talked about serving a full-time mission because I thought it would be “cool” and that I would have spiritual experiences as I “walk with God” daily.
Serving in the Singapore Mission, (the country I grew up in) will always be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
I never thought I could love people so much and desire their best welfare and salvation.
One day two missionaries came knocking on our door.   This was in 1970 when Singapore was still part of the South-east Asia Mission.
What an honour to have living Apostles visit Singapore.
Singapore 1st and 4th Wards went to Cebu Temple, Philippines over Chinese New Year weekend in February 2015. 
It was a real privilege to pin on a black name tag and dedicate 18 months to serving the Lord. It was the best experience of my life.