Member Sharing

Growing up, I was a free thinker though my family members were inclined towards Taoism and my late Grandma was a Buddhist.
I am from the Choa Chu Kang Ward and served in the Philippines Urdaneta Mission. A temple was announced for the Philippines Urdaneta Mission on 2 Oct 2010.
I think God is happy and more willing to pour out miracles when we pray for it for someone else’s benefit.
I doubt if the first missionaries would ever find out that their obedience to 'open their mouth at all times' would eventually lead from a planted seed into a fruit-bearing tree.
I served my mission at Philippines Naga Mission. Tagalog was my proselyting language but Naga has many dialects namely Bicol (Naga), Rinconada, Buhi, and lots more and it was really nice to learn most of the dialects.
The surge of terrorist attacks around the world has highlighted the need for people across religious and racial fault lines to unite and speak out against such violence.
Think of the last time you received a gift that you had REALLY been wanting but had to wait a long time to receive. 
The purposes of Church welfare are to help members “become self-reliant, to care for the poor and needy, and to give service.”
The love of Christ, His grace and mercy is sufficient for any whose hands and hearts hang down and whose paths are lost.
I believe that if I continue to be exactly obedient to His commandments and have faith, many more miracles can happen to my life.
I am honestly in awe of His power… my heart is forever changed.
To all members worldwide, there is a renewed call to better observe the Holy Sabbath.