Area Leader Message

To achieve meaningful and successful ministering, leaders should conduct inspired ministering interviews with humility, love, and faith in the Lord.
Some years ago, I was invited by the First Presidency to serve on a committee that was seeking to find out what were some things the Church could do to significantly bless the lives and strengthen the faith of the rising generation.
Good tidings. Great joy. All people. A Saviour. Christ the Lord.
I recall when I first attended a fast and testimony meeting at church. I remember hearing quite similar testimonies from full time missionaries.
Elder Peter F. Meurs of the Seventy
The purpose of this life is 'to prepare to meet God.'
One of the most beautiful doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that families can be together forever. Combining this with the promises of Elijah “of turning the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers”1 makes the temple or the House of the Lord so important and precious to all Latter-day Saints.
In every country in Asia, we need more, and better prepared missionaries. With the growth of the Church throughout the world, especially in Asia, most of these missionaries need to come from each of the countries of Asia.
For each of us, this life is a unique and wonderful journey. We will go through different phases in our lives which are full of new things, new challenges, and new spiritual inspirations.
Work has always been both demanding and rewarding. The key challenge is to maintain a good balance between family, work, Church, and personal well-being. Learning how to maintain such balance is one of the important experiences of mortality.
While on a mission tour late last year, on a Wednesday evening, I met the faithful parents of a newer missionary serving in that mission.
The returning of the Prophet Elijah during the last days was foretold by the Lord through his Prophet Malachi,