“I am in God’s hands”

I served in the Scotland/Ireland Mission from February 2018 to July 2019, and I loved it.

Shan Khoo

Gospel changes people

My heart burst with joy when I see people blossom because of the gospel. When new converts start to understand and live the gospel, their lives change. They glow and grow into beautiful people.  They go out and spread goodness into the world and make a direct impact.  More importantly, they start walking towards God, towards home. It is such a great privilege to be chosen by God and have his trust in bringing His children back to him.

The spirit empowers me

Living on a higher and holier plane as a missionary made me feel as if I was consecrated and invincible.  I felt protected, special and unstoppable.  However, after my mission I feel the power weakening but reliving my mission in my mind through daily scripture study, praying and attending church meetings do help though not as intensely as when I was on my mission.

Shan Khoo

Friends forever

The friendship I have made with members and families from all over the world during my mission is something I would treasure forever.  Their conversion stories and how they have lived the gospel principles have strengthened my testimony.  The love that we have for one another has helped me understand the meaning of being God’s children and living with our Heavenly Father.

I am in God’s hands

I have learnt to trust and have faith in God and that he has an eternal plan just for me.  I joined the church almost four years ago and as I looked back at the choices and situations that brought me into the church, I  know that God had a hand in my life.

Initially I did not plan on going on a mission but when I decided to go it was because things were orchestrated by God.  I could not have made such a decision without Him and it gave me great comfort to know I am in safe and loving hands.

Knowing that I am a child of God has a myriad of layers that have helped me trust and have faith in God. Serving a mission for the Church has given me so much and I hope that many more people will embark on one.