My Mother's Visiting Teacher Brought Me Back To Church

Chan's Family

In 1987 my father met two missionaries on the bus in Hong Kong. After a few discussions, and with strong support and fellowshipping from members of the ward, our family joined the Church.

New life in Singapore

Our family migrated to Singapore in 1990 and we continued to attend church.  Because of the language barrier and the difficulty of adjusting to the Singapore environment and culture, our family stopped attending Church after a while.

Missed Primary

I missed Primary on Sundays after our family stopped going to Church.  I felt a sense of emptiness.  But as time passed, that feeling of longing to return to Primary became weaker and weaker until Sunday became just another day.

Visiting Teacher's invitation to come back to Church

About half a year later, a sister from the branch by the name of Sister Queenie Chew came to visit my mother. She introduced herself as my mother's assigned Visiting Teacher. I don't recall the conversations she had with my mother but I remember her coming very regularly.  I was deeply touched by the love and care she showed towards my mother.  On one of her visits, she asked me if I would like to go to Church with her family.  I nodded my head affirmatively and that began my journey back to Church activity.

A world of difference

27 years had passed since Sister Chew invited us to come back to Church.  Because of her kindness and ministering, my younger brother and my mother became active again.  I had since served a full-time mission in Taiwan, married in the Temple and have three lovely boys born in the covenant. I'm not sure if Sister Chew knew the impact she had in my life but I will be forever grateful for her dedicated ministering and her love towards our family.