Church Donates Visual Equipment In Aid Of Visually Handicapped

Church Donates Visual Equipment In Aid Of Visually Handicapped

In a simple handover ceremony on 27 January 2011, Elder Victor Chen, Area Seventy, presented on behalf of the Singapore Stake a visual field instrument to Mr Tan Guan Heng, President of the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH). The donation of the Humphrey® FDT Visual Field Instrument was a humanitarian project by the Church to meet the needs of people who are suffering from deteriorating vision and who are at risk of losing their vision.

The Humphrey® FDT Visual Field Instrument is an eye screening machine which uses frequency doubling technology to provide rapid, clinically verified and affordable method for the detection of visual field loss. It is effective for diagnosis of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition that damages the retinal and optic nerve structure, eventually affecting visual function and resulting in progressive loss of vision.

In accepting the visual equipment, Mr Tan expressed on behalf of SAVH his appreciation for the kindness and generosity of the church for donating this much needed machine. He pointed out that the machine is critical in helping people detect early signs of the outset of glaucoma and other vision problem. When symptoms of glaucoma are detected early, the patient can seek treatment to control and retard the rate of vision impairment.

Elder Chen said that the donation of the visual equipment is part of the church’s efforts to use our resources to provide and contribute solutions to meet the needs and problems in the community.

By Charlie Chan