A Heart Warming Treat

A Heart Warming Treat

On 27 April 2011, Sister Queenie Chan organized a special service project for the Asian Women Welfare Association (AWWA) Community Home for Senior Citizens in Ang Mo Kio.   The service project was to serve the senior citizens there with the afternoon snack and entertainment. Several members from the Singapore Stake participated.

It was a heart-warming treat for both the residents and our volunteers as hot drinks and steamed buns were served to a lively crowd of approximately 50 people. The room was filled with happy chatters before the Karaoke session began. The folks clapped and swayed to the rhythm of the Chinese pop songs sung by Sister Chong Geok Lee (Clementi Ward) and followed by English songs sung by Sister Callie Moore (Singapore 1st Ward).  They were very well received as we had a multi-cultural audience.

While the Karaoke was going on, Sister Debbie Mitchell and Queenie Chan (1st ward) went from  room to room with an AWWA staff and a volunteer to serve warm drink and steam buns to residents who could not attend the afternoon tea/snack.

A game of Bingo followed.  Sister LynAnn Craig (Singapore 1st Ward) rolled out the numbers while Sister Callie Moore announced the numbers in Mandarin, with the help of Mr. Pang (a staff at the Centre). Sister Chong, on the other hand announced the numbers in English and several dialects—Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese and Hainanese.  Debbie Mitchell and Queenie Chan walked around to assist some folks with their Bingo game broad.

The afternoon ended on a high note when all the folks in the Community Home bid farewell to us and asked when we would come again. A date is already set for our return next month.