Combating Drugs in Singapore

Combating drug abuse is a battle that all communities face around the world. To help our youths and adult leaders gain a deeper perspective, the Singapore Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, together with Jamiyah Singapore [Note 1], arranged a special dialogue on this topic on March 26, 2023. The guest speaker was Ms Sun Xueling (MOS Sun), Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). This was a unique opportunity to hear a different perspective on the issue from the guest speaker MOS Sun, as well as the panellists and participants of different faiths. 

To start off the discussion, President Jean-Luc Butel, Singapore Stake President and Dr H M Saleem, Executive Council Member, Jamiyah Singapore shared their respective organisation’s perspectives and initiatives in combating drugs. MOS Sun also shared her personal experiences, adding that faith and religious organisations have played an essential role for those on the death row and their families, by providing much needed solace and peace.

MOS Sun added that an area of focus for the government is Singaporean youth, who account for a significant 50% of new drug offenders. She shared about the government’s efforts to support families who are affected, including by organising a soccer league during the holidays for youths at risk. These families and individuals are also encouraged to seek help from family service centres and befrienders who can help. 

Rachel Seow, a member of the Young Single Adults Ward in the Singapore Stake, shared, “The talk by [MOS Sun] was very insightful as I didn’t know that drug usage was so widespread in Singapore. It was good to know that the death penalty is not instantly applied.”

Overall, it was a great dialogue that allowed the youths attending to gain a deeper understanding of the issue and how it affects everyone in the community. This is essential for the youths today who are our future leaders of tomorrow.


[Note 1] Jamiyah Singapore and the Singapore Stake have worked together on several projects, from the exemplary mother award, to gathering donations for the food bank and successfully organising the first Iftar to be held in a Christian meetinghouse in 2019.

The panellists and participants gathered for a photograph after the dialogue.
Panel discussion and dialogue at the Singapore Stake Center.