How I grew during my mission

I served in the Philippines Quezon City Mission. It was a great experience, especially experiencing life in a third-world country.

Kelly Ang

Gaining my testimony

I enjoyed many special experiences while on my mission. I gained a testimony that my mission was where the Lord wanted me to learn and grow. Initially, I was uncomfortable, and it was hard for me to adjust to the culture and environment. When I prayed to overcome my challenges, I felt that this was what Heavenly Father wanted me to become: a loving person. It was a great spiritual realization. 

Serving the people through the flood

I also enjoyed serving the people. There was a flood in my second area, Mindoro. I had to travel through the rain and flood to send relief goods to the members. It was fun and an adventure too. It made me appreciate the safe environment we have in Singapore.

Kelly 3

Amazing companions

Another experience I loved was simply being with all of my companions. While it was not all sweet and smooth, they helped me grow. A particularly sweet memory was when one of my companions made special arrangements to surprise me a few days before my birthday so that we could celebrate before our transfer. I am grateful for their love for me. Members are great friends too. In my last area, we had weekly meetings with the Elders Quorum President who always had wonderful spiritual lessons for us. He was an inspiration to me and helped me open my spiritual eyes. 

The most important lesson learned

The most important lesson for me on was that my mission was a place for me to grow, to recognize my weaknesses and see my potential so that I can become like my Heavenly Father. Through my mission, my eyes were opened in many ways. My Mission President was a man called of God, and we were right where the Lord needed us to be because He has a perfect plan for everything.