AWWA Service Project 2012

AWWA Service Project 2012

The Stake RS services project to AWWA has been a great success. Sisters in the Singapore Stake have given heart-warming service to the residents of the AWWA Home for Senior Citizens. When two large buses each carrying 80 AWWA residents rolled up to the Bukit Timah Stake Center, they were greeted by the Relief Society sisters and ushered to a beautifully decorated cultural hall where a delicious high tea was awaiting them.

Although there was a lot of mingling and commotion, the situation was all under control and the program ran without a hitch. The activity had been thoughtfully planned to ensure that the senior citizens were not left to sit at a table on their own. At least two Relief Society sisters were assigned to sit by them and befriend them. They were shortly served trays of savory and sweet treats for their enjoyment – it did not take long for the scrumptious snacks to be finished! In appreciation for the service that had been rendered them, a few AWWA residents volunteered to perform their favorite songs. It was then their turn to be entertained by the Relief Society sisters.

The program provided by each of the wards was excellent. There were many multicultural dances including a Hula and Tahiti dance, a Brazilian dance, and even a Taiwanese Mountain Dance. Songs were sung and even a kung fu performance was executed! What made the performances most entertaining was their interactive nature, which involved having the residents join in and dance along with the performers. The more active residents were roped into the dances and had so much fun. Those could not join in due to physical limitations were content to enjoy watching the program and had many a good laugh! I must say that the two emcees for the program were so gifted with their multilingual abilities as they could communicate extremely well with the senior citizens.

At the end of the program, all the AWWA residents enjoyed their visit and many of them had made friends with the sisters sitting next to them by the end of the day. Each AWWA resident was given a gift bag full of goodies to take home with them and were escorted to their bus seat. Additional goodies bags for residents who were unable to make it for the trip were also plied onto the bus before we waved good-bye to them.

This has been a very well organized service project. It has not only brought joy to the AWWA residents, it has also made all those in attendance happy. When the buses had left, we looked at each other and felt so pleased that we had done it. Some sisters were already asking when we would do it again. To which, some other sisters suggested that we ought to make such service an annual tradition. ■

Contributed by Sister Queenie Chan
Singapore 1st Ward