Heart-shaped Pillow Project was all fun

Heart Shape Project Group Photo

When 120 sisters of the Stake Relief Society came together on Saturday, 1 June 2019, they clocked 400 hours of community service by making 190 heart-shaped pillows for charity.  With re-work by some sisters at home over the weekend, the number of completed pillows would reach 225.

The pillow making project was part of the 50,000 community service hours that the Stake has set for celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Church in Singapore.

Fun Project

'It was more fun than work,' said Marlene Chin of Compassvale Ward.  'The sisters find it enjoyable and relaxing to come together.  It is a good time for bonding and getting to know each other while doing something good for the community.'

Great turnout

Connie Woo, Relief Society President of the Jurong Ward was pleased with the large turnout.  She said, 'This project allows anyone to participate.  It does not call for any particular skill.  We have five young women and seven non-members among the participants, and even one brother.'

3rd Ward sisters did the work in advance

Because the sisters from the 3rd Ward could not take leave from their employers on the day the project which was a Saturday, they contributed in a different way.  They washed, traced and cut the fabric for the pillows at home and sent them to the Stake Centre for sewing and stitching.

Should do it more often

'We should organize more projects like this one and publicize them well and get more members and friends involved.  It is such a wonderful experience to work together and serve,' said Sen Ledesma of the Newton Ward.

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