Daniel’s lesson from the Saviours of Sengkang Project


Daniel Chin, a 12-year old member from the Compassvale Ward, learned a valuable lesson about life when he volunteered to paint a wall in the Saviours Of Sengkang Project on 2 February 2019.

Collaborative Project

The Saviours Of Sengkang was a collaborative project by the Sengkang West Citizens Consultative Committee, Al-Mawaddah Mosque, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and cycling group Ride of Hope in support of the nationwide SG Cares initiative.

Church members joined other volunteers

25 members of the Compassvale Ward joined other volunteers to pack and distribute groceries to 300 households at Block 350 Anchorvale Road. A side project of painting a mural on the walls was included to brighten the block.  Dr. Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for Health and Transport, was the Guest of Honor for the occasion.

Daniel's spray painting

'I saw two persons painting a wall with spray paint.  It looked so easy and I joined them. For the first few minutes, I struggled to get things right.  I made so many mistakes. I couldn't control the amount of paint coming out of the can because I didn't know how much pressure to apply on the nozzle.  So there were parts with blobs of paint and parts that did not have enough paint. I also didn't know how to press the nozzle and move my arm at the same time and neither could I paint within the lines.  After a while, I got better but my arm was beginning to ache and I had to take a break.  I didn't know spray painting was so difficult.  One of the other volunteers corrected my mistakes by spraying over my part of the mural to make it look nicer.

Daniel learned a lesson about life

My mom told me that the art piece was like our lives.   We make mistakes and we struggle.  But if we allow our Creator to help us and if we try our best to do as He tells us, He could help us overcome our mistakes and be better. 

Spray painting was fun but tiring. I felt happy when the painting ended.'