Capturing the True Meaning of Christmas

Capturing the True Meaning of Christmas

On December 1st, 2011, a group of sisters from the First ward and Bedok ward, along with four full time missionaries visited the Asian Women Welfare Association (AWWA) Community Home for Senior Citizens.

Five activities had been planned to be shared with the residents. Starting with the reading of a message on the reason for celebrating Christmas, written by Elder Shone and translated into Chinese by Sister Queenie Chan.  Following which, all the volunteers assembled at the front of the hall to sing Christmas hymns. It took a while to sing all of the songs that were in the hymnbook, but the residents remained attentive throughout and appeared to enjoy the music.

After the performance, the residents were told that the missionaries were going to invite Santa Claus to AWWA. While the missionaries left to change into their costumes, Christmas song sheets were distributed to the residents.  The sisters mingled with the residents and encouraged them to sing along. When Santa Claus appeared amidst the joyful caroling, the glow of surprise and happiness on everyone’s face was evident.

Santa reached out to the residents, handing each one of them a goodie-bag that had been prepared by the First ward. The sisters from the Bedok ward served a variety of home-baked goods that included steamed cakes and cookies.  The residents relished every one of their treats!

Everyone interacted further with the residents by playing a Twelve Days of Christmas game.  One sister was appointed to be responsible for a team of four to six residents. Each team was assigned a part of the song to sing aloud. The residents sang with glee and gusto.  They had so much fun that it was repeated.

When came the time to say good-bye, handshakes and even hugs were exchanged. The residents wished the next visits would be sooner and more frequent.

Heading out the door, many Bedok ward sisters confided that they would like to visit the Home again. Indeed, all had been touched by the true spirit of Christmas: the spirit of giving of selves.

Contributed by Sister Queenie Chan, First Ward

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