Blessings of Going to the Temple

Yishun Ward

For some members going to the temple is a weekly affair; for others, an annual event; and for members living in countries without a near-by temple it can be a once-a-lifetime undertaking.

Members go to temples to perform sacred ordinances and undertake covenants that are only available in the temple.  Some say they receive special blessings and personal revelations while others declare their joy of worshipping Jesus Christ and give thanks for what they learn about the plan of salvation in the temple.

We invite some members to share their blessings of the going to the temple and this is what they say.

Francis Tan, who joined the Church in 1968 and had been on annual ward temple trips for many years.

There were just eight of us from Yishun Ward who went to the Cebu Temple in June 2018. We were small in number but great in spirit and unity. Our purpose was to do the work of salvation for our ancestors. We shared a feeling of joy and gladness before, during and after each session.

We regard going to the temple as an opportunity and privilege to participate in performing saving ordinances in behalf of our kindred dead.

Within the sacred walls of the temple, we enjoyed a sense a peace and reverence. A temple is indeed a place of learning and instruction for God's Plan of Salvation. Seeing faithful saints, including youth, who made the sacrifice and traveled long distances to come to the temple inspired us greatly.

We went to the Cebu Temple for a secondary purpose.  Encouraged by our Bishop, we collected 60 kilograms of used clothing and toys from our ward members for distribution to the saints in the Cebu area.  The gift was well received and appreciated by the stake president and his leaders who came to meet us.

Our testimony of the restored gospel and our faith in the Savior were strengthened each time we went to the temple.

Wong Sai Lim who enjoy going to the temple with his wife Linda

Whenever we are overseas, we would take every opportunity to visit the nearest temple.  Seeing a temple, with angel Moroni shining in the dark, always gives us a feeling of hope, peace, and security.

We love the feeling of unity and harmony in the temple. With smiling, kind temple workers to help us, we calmly and quietly go about doing ordinances for the dead. It is just like being in Paradise with our problems removed. We may have to deal with our issues when we leave the temple but while inside we enjoy the feeling of reverence, peace, and serenity.   When we are in the Lord's house, we are under his care.  If we pray to him, he will surely hear us because he is not far away.

Joseph Saw whose wife Irene passed away in May 2017

One great blessing of the temple is having the peace and assurance that being sealed to Irene will bring us together for all eternity.

Jared Ang who recently became a father

I am blessed to know families are forever. Shortly after my return to Singapore, my grandfather passed away. Although we were not very close, I had a desire to be closer. Going to the Hong Kong temple, the very same temple he went to, helped me experience what it was like for him. I felt closer to my grandfather and also had the opportunity to bring my three-month-old baby along as well. I know families can be together forever, through temple work and blessings that come from it.

Bishop Patrick Tan of Clementi Ward whose second son left on his mission last month

My family always tries to tie our family vacation to a place where there is a temple, and make it the highlight of our vacation. Even when our children were young, they would patiently wait outside for us while Jessie and I went in for the temple sessions.

We are greatly blessed when we make temple worship a priority and start teaching our children when they were young. During our recent trip to the Provo City Temple, our whole family sat in a Sealing Room waiting for the session to start. Looking at the reflection of our family in the mirrors, the meaning of eternal family sealed together for time and all eternity takes on a special meaning for me. Seeing my reflections remind me of my father and grandfather. Seeing the reflections of my children reminds me of my posterity. To me, that families can be together forever is the greatest blessing of all. Our family is not perfect. But, knowing that our families can be together forever makes us work harder to be united as a family and to love and support each other.