Two sisters win Jamiyah Singapore’s Exemplary Mother Award prizes

Two sisters win Jamiyah Singapore’s Exemplary Mother Award prizes

Sister Leong Jiu Pheng and Sister Elizabeth Chiu won top prizes at the Jamiyah Singapore’s 27th Exemplary Mother Award (EMA) Ceremony on Saturday, 5 October 2019.  Singapore Stake and Ward Relief Society leaders and members turned out to cheer them as they received their awards at The Fairmont Hotel where the ceremony took place.

Sister Leong Jiu Pheng

Sister Leong won a Special Recognition Award for being one of the ten finalists in the Exemplary Mother category.  Her prize was a trophy and $1,000.00.


Leong Kai Wen, Sister Leong’s youngest child, nominated her for the award as a tribute to his mother for her example of someone selfless and always ready to serve others.

Sister Elizabeth Chiu

Sister Chiu was one of the three finalists in the Young Exemplary Mother category (for mothers under 40 years).  Sister Chiu won a trophy and $1,000.00.  Sister Chiu gave up her career to stay home to nurture her children with the right values, believing that anything worthwhile is not easy.

Two sisters win Jamiyah Singapore’s Exemplary Mother Award prizes

The Exemplary Mother Award (EMA) was first instituted in 1993 by Jamiyah Singapore, a Muslim missionary organization. The late President, Dr. Wee Kim Wee donated the Wee Kim Wee Shield as part of the top prize.   


The Award is open to all mothers regardless of race, religion or family background.  It is meant to honour mothers who have persevered through hardship and sacrifices in raising their children to provide them a better future through education and good moral values.


In 2005 a new judging criterion was added: a nominee must have contributed to the community through service.


In 2018, Jamiyah introduced the Exemplary Young Mother Award (EYMA) for mothers below the age of 40.


To date, 27 women, comprising of Malay, Indian and Chinese mothers, and two young mothers, have been awarded the Exemplary Mother Award and Exemplary Young Mother Award respectively.