My Three Wonderful Experiences as a Missionary

I served in the Australia, Melbourne Mission from July 2017 to 9 July 2019.  Serving my full-time mission brought me many wonderful experiences. Of the many, here are 3.

Samuel Lim

First Experience

For one, I really enjoyed being tired at the end of every single day, knowing that I've done my best.  Of course, some days could be better, but I've enjoyed the Lord's confirmation and acceptance of my day's effort.


Second Experience

The second wonderful experience was the setting apart of a missionary in the last ward I served. One young man, who is the only member of his family to join the Church, was called on a mission. He invited us to his setting apart.


We had an opening hymn, followed by talks and his setting apart. It was nothing unusual until hands were laid on his head, and the blessings flow. Right as it began, the spirit was felt in abundance - it was so tangible. I knew that going on a mission was what God wanted that young man to do. It was the best ending to a hard day's work. Many people afterward came up to me and asked, 'Didn’t that bring back memories?' I had difficulty answering them because my heart was so full of excitement, hope, joy and gratitude, and so on.

Samuel Lim’s three wonderful experiences as a missionary

Third Experience

The third wonderful experience was witnessing the power of Jesus Christ in the lives of members. For example, when people join the Church, when the less-active members come back to Church, and when couples and families study the scriptures, I see a glow in their countenance. I have also felt the Spirit guiding me on what to share, what to ask, and what to do in different situations. Through the Spirit, on numerous occasions, I have come to know the mind and the will of God.


Important Lesson

One important lesson I have learned is that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know each one of us personally; in fact, they know us more than we know ourselves. I had come across some people who thought that they knew themselves but in reality, God knew more than they knew themselves.


Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have a plan of happiness for us.  If we would follow that plan, we can attain that happiness, joy, and peace that God is ready to share with us.