Strengthening YSA Friendships Through Kayaking

Strengthening YSA Friendships Through Kayaking

In June 2016 the Singapore Stake Young Single Adult (YSA) went kayaking. The activity was organised by Alex Leong Cheong Chun and Lim Yee Yi, the YSA reps from Singapore Second (Chinese) Ward.

The weather was cool and cloudy with showers, but spirits were high. An advisor from X’treme Kayaking taught everyone how to paddle, and gave some safety instructions. Next, the group started paddling in a small restricted area, in order to familiarise themselves with proper paddling techniques. After that, the barriers were removed and the YSA were free to paddle around the area and take in the beautiful sea view at their own leisure.

On the water, everyone was assigned a task to form a special formation to paddle together. There were a lot of smiles and laughter as the group learned how to cooperate and work in unity.

With no accidents, this activity was a good chance for the YSAs to meet people from other wards and become friends, making it a great memory for all.

By Alex Leong