Helping Hands and Willing Hearts

Helping Hands and Willing Hearts

While some were sleeping in, out shopping, playing sport or relaxing, many of our youths gave up their Saturday morning to serve their less fortunate brothers and sisters.

The latest Stake Youth Activity took place on 21 November.  Approximately 60 of our youth turned up – some at 5.30am - to assist in preparing food and packing meals for the Willing Hearts charity.

Willing Hearts provides daily meals and other support services to the underprivileged, the needy, and other marginalized members of our Singapore society. Every day, many volunteers are required to help run their soup kitchen which currently serves about 4,500 daily meals, 7-days a week (or about 135,000 meals monthly).

The numbers of our youth exceeded the number of Mormon Helping Hands aprons that were available. It was busy, hard work. The youth helped in the entire process from unloading vegetables, to washing and cutting vegetables, preparing spring rolls and other foods, cooking rice, packing meals for delivery, through to packing the cars with the meals and washing the dishes.

There is a good feeling of unity and gratitude that blesses all those who serve so willingly. Friendships were started or solidified and all those who participated were blessed with the joy that comes from serving.

It was a fantastic effort by our youth, and our love and appreciation go out to all the parents and leaders who enabled our youth to participate in this worthwhile work.

The next Stake Youth Activity will be the annual New Year’s Eve Dance at the Stake Centre. Contact your local ward youth leaders for more information and keep an eye out on the Singapore Stake Youth Facebook page as well.