Young Women in Excellence 2015

Young Women in Excellence 2015

Every year, the Young Women of Singapore, gather with their parents and leaders to celebrate the Personal Progress program and talk about all the good things Young Women are doing in their lives. It gives the girls a chance to reflect and share the experiences or projects they have completed during the year.

The annual Young Women in Excellence event was held on Saturday, 24th February at the Stake Centre. President Kwan and President Bray represented the Stake Presidency. The 200 or so people in attendance were treated to skits, songs and video presentations put together by the Young Women of the 10 wards. The skits, songs or videos related to the eight Young Women values: faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity and virtue.

Stake Young Women President, Sister Stacy Torfin spoke very highly of the Young Women in Singapore Stake; how they are an inspiration to all and how their good examples are an influence in the lives of their families and friends.

Every year, the youth of the Church have a theme that guides the youth programs around the world. This year, the global theme is Embark in the Service of God. The 2015 theme song, with its uplifting message was played for all those present.

Eight girls who completed their Personal Progress this year were present and shared with us a few words on the experience. The maturity and confidence of each girl was something to behold. Each spoke of personal and spiritual growth while during the program. Some spoke frankly of the time and added commitment that the Personal Progress can seem to add to busy teenage lives, but when you look at the good things (school, community service, family activities) you are already involved in, quite often these can be incorporated into the achievement of Personal Progress goals. Without fail, all the girls encouraged the Young Women of their wards to continue working on their Personal Progress.

To close out the formalities, President Kwan encouraged the girls to remember that they are daughters of God, and as such, are of great worth to Him.

Ice-cream sundaes were served for refreshments and displays of projects that the girls had been working on were available for all to enjoy. As the Young Women in Singapore embark upon 2015, with their examples shining for all to see, the future is bright indeed!

Photo credit for event photos: Rain Macapagal