Kandace Lim returns from her mission (nov 2012 - April 2014)

Kandace Lim returns from her mission (nov 2012 - April 2014)

I was called to serve in the Utah St George Mission, with an assignment to labour in the Visitor’s Center, from November 2012 to April 2014. Even though I only spent 6 weeks serving at the Visitor’s Center, I experienced many miracles there. I was a full proselyting missionary for the rest of my time, serving in a small town called Enoch for 9 out of 18 months.

Experiences that we go through in life will be those that we specifically need; which may be why each mission is always “the best mission”… for each of us. I could never guess where God would send me, but I knew that where ever I was placed was where He needed me to be.

If we are open to God’s guidance, He will lead us to people who need comfort. If we seek His Spirit, we will have similar experiences as Nephi did. Nephi records that he was brought to “an exceedingly high mountain, which I never had before seen, and upon which I never had before set my foot” (1Nephi 11:1). It may be a literal place, but perhaps these high places are spiritual ‘high places’ that we can reach through diligent study and prayer. Like everything else, blessings come as a result of effort on our part- both desire and action.

Each of us will go through at least one experience in life that will bring us to our knees to plead for help from on high. I’ve experienced God’s love even through difficult times. I know that He loves us individually and rejoices when we stay true to what is right, despite our circumstance.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ gives us strength to overcome hard things. God will shape the back to bear the burden. We will see that Jesus is equally yoked with our load and is walking beside us. He understands us completely and can give us the comfort and support we need. All we need is a desire to receive that help, and to show our love for Him by increasing our faith in Him daily.

I know that God did not send us to this earth to fail. He sent us here to become more like Him, with Jesus Christ as our example. He is our loving Heavenly Father and has given us all the tools we need to navigate through life safely and happily. As we show our love for God in thought, word, and deed, we give our will to Him. One of the many blessings we will receive is referred to in the scriptures as receiving a fullness of joy. This joy cannot be explained, but can only be understood through direct experience. I humbly invite you to join me in keeping the flame of this desire burning brightly, and using it to fuel us to do many great things in His Kingdom today.

Kandace Lim