YSA Clean Up in Telok Blangah Rise

YSA Clean Up in Telok Blangah Rise

By Cloud He Panhua

The Singapore Stake Young Single Adults meet every three months for a Stake YSA service project. 

On the 29th March, the went  to Telok Blangah Rise to help 4 families to clean up their houses. 

They split up into 4 groups and headed to different households with cleaning materials like rags, water pails and detergents. Each group was given a small slip of paper with the full address of the house, the resident's name and details on which parts of the house needed to be cleaned. The information was prepared by Abish and Ziling who were in charge of the activity. 

One house was a 2 room flat, a woman in her 80s was staying there with her daughter. The living room was filled with random stuff so it seemed a little bit in disarray. They were asked to help to clean the top and bottom parts of the kitchen and the bed room, places that are hard to reach by the elderly. The woman living in the flat only spoke Hokkian, so there were some communication problems at first, but they managed find someone to help with the translation. Another group helped a young Malay family and some also helped folding cloths for the elderly. The Young Single Adults were grateful to have an opportunity to help the needy and felt a sense of freshness and happiness after the cleaning. The spirit is definitely with us when we do good things.