How I came back to Church

Jess Lee

Ministering is putting your faith in Christ into action.  You may never know what results will come out of your actions but if you do nothing, there will be no results.

I am sharing with you how I have benefited from sisters who ministered to me when I was inactive.  I tell you that it is no fun to go inactive.  It took a lot of courage, effort, and sacrifice to become active again.  Thankfully, I had an army of sisters who were ready to support me in my journey back to Church.

Making the right decision

As a single parent, it was not possible for me to attend church because my job required me to work every Sunday.  I prayed often about quitting my job so that I could go to Church on Sundays.  I knew that if I did not return to Church, my children would not have the chance to learn the gospel in this life.   I took the courage to resign from my job so that I could bring my three young children and my two nieces to Church.

Wonderful ministering sisters

I was so blessed to have wonderful sisters assigned to visit my family and me when I was inactive.  They were my true friends - humble and caring.  They never failed to visit me and my young children despite their own busy lives.

Besides my visiting teachers, I had a couple who also encouraged me to return to Church.  One day they informed me that they were leaving Singapore for good.  I was upset to lose them but as a farewell present, they introduced me to another couple from Church.   The second couple was equally committed to looking after my young children and me.

Children were baptized

Shortly after returning to activity, my three children and my two nieces were baptized.  I found a better job that did not require me to work on Sundays. 

I testify that blessings would pour out upon you when you make the right choice though making the right choice may seem difficult at the time as it happened to me.

Going on a mission upon retirement

I am planning to go on a mission when I retire so that I can fully serve the Lord and others.  My life has turned around because of the encouragement, fellowshipping and love from the Relief Society sisters and other members in the Ward.